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Distribution Notes                                 68000 Assembler/Simulator 
8/4/89                                             Version 1.0 
    This product is meant to provide a learning tool and/or a useful  
    cross-development tool for people doing MC68000 software development. 
    It contains two separate programs: 
    1. A 68000 cross-assembler which produces text output in S-record 
       format suitable for downloading to single-board 68000 computers 
       or PROM burners. 
    2. A 68000 simulator which allows debugging of the 68000 source 
       by reading the S-record output produced by the assembler.  The 
       simulator mimics the operation of the 68000 microprocessor as 
       documented in the 68000 Programmer's Reference Manual. 
    The source code is provided for several reasons.  The user may want 
    to modify the programs' behavior, add features of his own, port the  
    programs to different machines, or fix bugs if they come up. 
    These programs were written at North Carolina State University's 
    Electrical and Computer Engineering department. 
    The contents of this disk are as follows : 
        EXE.ARC         -- Executable files and user manuals 
        ASM-SRC.ARC     -- Cross-Assembler's C source code 
        SIM-SRC.ARC     -- Simulator's C source code 
        TST.ARC         -- Sample 68000 source files 
    There is an undocumented problem with the simulator.  It won't allow 
    use of the memory between addresses 1000 (hex) and 1003 (hex)  
    inclusive because those are the addresses that the simulated 6850 
    chip maps its registers to.  The 6850 is was implemented in a 
    previous simulator version but has been disabled for this version. 
    The simulator's address space is 64K of memory from address 0 to 
    address FFFF (hex). 
    The contents of this disk are public domain.  You may use the  
    source code in your applications, and you may copy and distribute  
    the disk freely with the notable exception that you may not charge 
    more than a minimal handling fee for distributing it. 
    The two programs were originally written on a VAX 11/750 and later 
    ported to the PC.  The source code provided on this diskette  
    was compiled with the Microsoft C 5.0 compiler.  It should be 
    possible, of course, to compile this code with any C compiler 
    that uses 16-bit integers with minimal modifications.  VAX source  
    code is available by contacting me at the address below. 
    Comments and suggestions for improving this product are welcome. 
    You may reach me at: 
    e-mail :   shaban@ece36h.ncsu.edu  (internet) 
    US mail:   Marwan Shaban 
               PO Box 19494 
               Raleigh, NC  27619