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- Readme for Dta1xx Linux device driver 
- Table of Contents 
 1. Version History 
 2. Introduction 
 3. Installation Instructions 
 4. Usage Instructions 
 5. Contact Information 
 6. Pre-version 2 History 
- 1. Version History 
Date:		Version:	Remarks: 
2009.02.26	- Fix for compilation troubles on kernel versions 
                          2.6.0 - 2.6.14 
2009.01.27	- Support for DTA-2137/DTA-2144 
						- Support for genlock functionality of DTA-145/2145 
						- Fixes compile issues on kernel v2.6.26 and later 
						- Fixes crash with DTA-160 on a 64-bit kernel 
						  This version has not been tested/validated for kernel 
						  2.4 and does not officially support kernel 2.4. Future 
						  versions of this driver will drop kernel 2.4 support 
						  all together.  
2008.12.03	- Support for 64-bit kernels 
2008.10.12	- Fixed isse where DTA-112 was not detected by driver 
2008.06.30	- Support transparent-mode-packet receive mode for 
						  DTA-160 IP port 
2008.05.21	- Solves compilation error on kernel 2.6.24 
						- Fixes divide by zero error and several other bugs 
						  in IP-recive code 
2008.04.10	- Fixes problem with setting/getting of ASI burst-mode 
						  with several cards including the DTA-145, DTA-160 
						  and DTA-2145 
2008.03.27	- Fixed issue causing kernel crash during exit of a 
2008.02.27	- Support for DTA-2135 
2008.02.15	- Fixed error in bit-rate returned for ASI ports 
						  on DTA-112/115/116/117 
						- Fixed lock-up issue with IP transmit, due to problem 
						  with locking pages of user buffer  
2008.01.09	- Fixed driver crash when using a DTA-110T and specific 
						  combinations of DVB-T modulation parameters 
						- Fixed issue with input bit-rate computation 
						- Fixed issue with driver resources which were not always 
						  released, resulting in failure to attach to a card 
						  after having opened the driver a number of times 
						- Fixed number of compile issues on Redhat and CentOS-3 
						  Linux distri's with kernel: 2.4.21-20, 2.6.9-42 and 
2007.12.13	- Fixed compile error when compiling for SMP 
						  kernel < 2.6.1 
						- Fixed kernel panic for SMP kernel < 2.6.4 when using 
						- Fixed checking return value after creating new thread 
						- Changed implementation clock detect status and bitrate 
						  calculation IP receive for DTA-160. 
						  If no packets are received whitin 1 second after the  
						  last received packet, the bitrate is set to 0 and the 
						  clock detect status is set to 0 (clock detect fail). 
						- Support for double-buffered and loop-through 
						  capabilities on DTA-145/160/2145 
2007.11.29	- Fixed compile error in kernel 2.6.20 and higher, due  
						  to changes in definition INIT_WORK 
						- Cleaned up code to reduce number of compile warnings 
						- Fixed fault in handling of IOCTL_DTA1XX_GET_RX_INFO 
						  IoCtl-call, causing DtInpChannel::GetTsRateBps to fail 
2007.11.07	- First release of version 2 driver.  
						  NOTE: Version 2 is a completely rewritten driver and 
							    is not backwards compatible with PRE V4 DTAPI 
- 2. Introduction 
The Dta1xx driver is a char driver for DekTec's DTA-1XX series of PCI cards. 
Currently the driver provides support for the following cards: 
 - DTA-100   (DVB-ASI Output Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-102   (DVB-SPI Output Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-105   (DVB-ASI Output Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-107   (QPSK Modulator / Upconverter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-110   (QAM Modulator / UHF Upconverter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-110T  (OFDM Modulator / UHF Upconverter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-112   (QAM Modulator / VHF&UHF Upconverter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-115   (Multi-Standard Modulator for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-116   (Multi-Standard Modulator with IF and Digital Output for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-120   (DVB-ASI Input Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-122   (DVB-SPI Input Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-124   (QUAD ASI/SDI Input Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-140   (DVB-ASI Input/Output Adapter for PCI Bus)  
 - DTA-145   (Multi-Purpose ASI/SDI Adapter for PCI Bus) 
 - DTA-160   (Gigabit Ethernet + 3x ASI) 
 - DTA-545   (DVB-ASI  Input/Output Adapter for PC104+) 
 - DTA-2144  (Quad ASI/SDI Input/Output Adapter for PCI Express) 
 - DTA-2145  (Multi-Purpose ASI/SDI Adapter for PCI Express) 
 NOTE: The DTA-110T is not supported on 64-bit Linux.  
- 3. Installation Instructions 
To install the driver, perform the following steps: 
 - Compile the driver (type "make" in the directory containing the makefile); 
 - Install the driver (type "make install" in the directory containing the 
      THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE: "#warning Using kernel headers in userspace" 
- 4. Usage Instructions 
To be able to use a DTA-1XX PCI(e) card, the driver must be started and at least 
one device file must have been created. 
The Dta1xx.init script is provided to start or stop the driver and to create 
the device files: 
  "sh ./Dta1xxInit start"    Load the driver and create 8 device files 
                             in the "/dev" directory. 
  "sh ./Dta1xxInit stop"     Unload the driver and remove the device files. 
The script uses the following naming convention for device files. The file 
name consists of "Dta1xx", followed by the relative board number (0-based). 
For example: if the system contains two DTA-1XX cards, then "Dta1xx0" 
represents the first board and "Dta1xx1 the second one. 
All of the driver's functionality is exposed via the ioctl mechanism (see 
"Dta1xxCommon.h" for all ioctl commands).  
For easy usage of the driver, DekTec provides the DTAPI wrapper library. 
The DTAPI hides the complexities of using the driver in a few easy-to-use 
classes. The DTAPI is included in the Linux SDK. 
- 5. Contact Information 
Please find our contact information below: 
DekTec Digital Video B.V. 
Van Riebeeckweg 43A 
1212 EH Hilversum 
The Netherlands 
Tel:		+31 (0)35 64 69 210 
Fax:		+31 (0)35 68 31 015 
email: 		support@dektec.com / info@dektec.com 
website:	www.dektec.com 
- 6. Pre-version 2 History 
Date:		Version:	Remarks: 
2007.07.19	- Fixed issue with enabling/disabling double-bufferd mode 
						  with FW version 1 of DTA-105 
2007.06.11	- Solved issue with DMA blocking when using DTA-115 in 
						  QAM mode 
						- Init periodic interrupt period for DTA-124 is to 
						  38.83ms, so that bit-rate is computed correctly 
						- Fixed bug in Dta1xxIoCtlLedControl (mismatch between 
						  DTAPI and driver defines) 
2007.06.04	- Add support for DTA-124 with FW version 1 
2007.05.16	- Added support for DTA-115 
2007.04.03	- Fixed bug SglDesc structure related to 64-bit systems 
						- Add support for ISDB-T modulation via DTA-110T 
2007.02.16	- Fixed read and write blocking bug with DTA-140 
2007.02.15	- Fixed multiple Tx channels support 
						- Removed dependancy on do_div method (caused link 
						  problems on kernel 2.4.x) 
2007.01.31	- Added support for DTA-160 (ASI only) 
						- IO cofiguration can be retrieved 
2007.01.25	- Added support for DTA-145 and DTA-2145 
						- Fixed issue with serial number (always 0) for 
2007.01.23	- Made sure that all CDMA resources are released when an 
						  application, using the DTA-110T, terminates unexpected 
						- Fixed issue with setting a carrier freq. higher than 
						  813MHz for DTA-110(T) 
2006.12.21	- Beta version with support for DTA-110T (OFDM) 
2006.08.14	- Changed to new register map for 105 (offset changes) 
						- Updated Vpd/ Eeprom routines 
2005.09.26    - Fixed error where the returned bit-rate for 
                          the DTA-124 was always the bit-rate of 
						  channel 0 
                        - Fixed several errors where DTA-110 and DTA-107 
                          settings where swapped 
2005.08.25    - Added support for DTA-110 
2005.07.22	- Added support for DTA-545 
                        - Prepared for DTA-105 and DTA-110 
2005.06.06	- Fixed bit-rate computation error when using the 
						- Fixed bug in makefile for Kernel 2.6.x (failed to copy 
						  driver if install directory did not exist) 
2005.03.10	- Added suport for DTA-124 
2004.12.06	- Fixed compilation bug when compiling for Kernel 2.4.x 
                        - Fixed bug when getting the clock count register 
2004.11.11	- Added support for DTA-107. Removed 64-bit caculations 
						  from driver (now performed in the DTAPI (user space)). 
2004.08.30	- Made sure that the interrupt handler returns IRQ_NONE 
						  or IRQ_HANDLED 
2004.08.16	- Added support for Linux kernel 2.6.x 
2004.02.10	- Added support for enabling timestamping 
2003.12.08	- Fixed problem when CTRL-C is used to terminate a 
						  process (sometimes the driver left the hardware in 
						  an undefined state). 
2003.06.30	- Added support for store MP2 receive mode and for 
						- Added support for FW4 of the DTA-120 and prepared 
						  driver for FW4 of the DTA-122 
						- Added IoCtl command for getting the firmware version 
						- Added module version support (MODVERSIONS) 
						- Added missing calls to RxIoCtl commands (GetFlags 
						  and ClearFlags) 
2003.04.25	- Fixed backward compatibilty issue, related to addition 
						  of VPD support 
2003.04.23	- Added support for reading/writing to VPD resources 
						- Fixed bug related to DTA-102. Output was disabled, 
						  instead of enabled when starting transmission 
						- Replaced 'KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux' define in 
						  makefile with a more generic path (see note in 
						  Installation Instructions) 
2003.04.08	- Added fix to prevent tainted message to be shown when 
						  loading the module 
2003.03.28	- Replaced wait loop in DMA routine with a wait for 
						  event (the wait loop caused a high processor load) 
						- This version has been compiled and tested on version 
						  2.4.20 of the linux kernel 
						- With the SUSE 8.0 distribution of linux (kernel 2.4.18) 
						  using a wake_up_interruptible from the interrupt 
						  routine caused the system to freeze. It is 
						  recommended to upgrade to a newer version of the 
						  compiler and kernel than provided by the SUSE 8.0 
2003.01.16	- Added detection routine for DTA-140 
2002.12.06	- Initial version (alpha) (compiled and tested 
                          on version 2.4.18 of the Linux kernel)