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// Usb2303Device.h 
// Generated by DriverWizard version DriverStudio 3.1.0 (Build 1722) 
// Requires Compuware's DriverWorks classes 
#ifndef __Usb2303Device_h__ 
#define __Usb2303Device_h__ 
class Usb2303Device : public KPnpDevice 
	// Constructors 
	Usb2303Device(PDEVICE_OBJECT Pdo, ULONG Unit); 
	// Member Functions 
	void GetStringDescriptors(void); 
	virtual NTSTATUS OnStartDevice(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS OnStopDevice(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS OnRemoveDevice(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS DefaultPnp(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS DefaultPower(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS OnDevicePowerUp(KIrp I); 
	virtual NTSTATUS OnDeviceSleep(KIrp I); 
	NTSTATUS USB2303_IOCTL_Test_Handler(KIrp I); 
		// The following member functions are actually defined by the 
		// a DEVMEMBER_xxx or MEMBER_xxx macro (such as DEVMEMBER_DISPATCHERS). 
		// The macro __COMMENT_ONLY never gets defined.  These comment-only 
		// definitions simply allow easy navigation to the functions within 
		// the Developer Studio using the class browser. 
	virtual NTSTATUS CleanUp(KIrp I);				// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS Create(KIrp I);				// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS Close(KIrp I);					// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS DeviceControl(KIrp I);			// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS SystemControl(KIrp I);			// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS Read(KIrp I);					// COMMENT_ONLY 
	virtual NTSTATUS Write(KIrp I);					// COMMENT_ONLY 
	// Member Data 
		// Unit number for this device (0-9) 
	ULONG				m_Unit; 
	KUsbLowerDevice		m_Lower; 
	KUsbInterface   	m_Interface; 
		// Pipe for USB endpoint 1 IN (address 0x81) 
	KUsbPipe				m_Endpoint1IN; 
		// Pipe for USB endpoint 2 OUT (address 0x2) 
	KUsbPipe				m_Endpoint2OUT; 
		// Pipe for USB endpoint 3 IN (address 0x83) 
	KUsbPipe				m_Endpoint3IN;