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// Usb2303.h 
// Generated by DriverWizard version DriverStudio 3.1.0 (Build 1722) 
// Requires Compuware's DriverWorks classes 
#ifndef __Usb2303_h__ 
#define __Usb2303_h__ 
#define EOL "\n" 
// Global driver trace object 
extern KDebugOnlyTrace t; 
class Usb2303 : public KDriver 
	virtual NTSTATUS DriverEntry(PUNICODE_STRING RegistryPath); 
	virtual NTSTATUS AddDevice(PDEVICE_OBJECT Pdo); 
	void	 LoadRegistryParameters(KRegistryKey &Params); 
	int	m_Unit; 
	// The following data members are loaded from the registry during DriverEntry 
	ULONG m_bBreakOnEntry; 
#endif			// __Usb2303_h__