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<%@ WebHandler Language="C#" Class="wms" %> 
using System; 
using System.Web; 
public class wms : IHttpHandler { 
    public void ProcessRequest (HttpContext context) { 
		//Get the path of this page 
		string url = (context.Request.Url.Query.Length > 0 ?  
			context.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Replace(context.Request.Url.Query, "") : context.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri); 
		SharpMap.Web.Wms.Capabilities.WmsServiceDescription description = 
			new SharpMap.Web.Wms.Capabilities.WmsServiceDescription("Acme Corp. Map Server", url); 
		// The following service descriptions below are not strictly required by the WMS specification. 
		// Narrative description and keywords providing additional information  
		description.Abstract = "Map Server maintained by Acme Corporation. Contact: webmaster@wmt.acme.com. High-quality maps showing roadrunner nests and possible ambush locations."; 
		description.Keywords = new string[3]; 
		description.Keywords[0] = "bird"; 
		description.Keywords[1] = "roadrunner"; 
		description.Keywords[2] = "ambush"; 
		//Contact information  
		description.ContactInformation.PersonPrimary.Person = "John Doe"; 
		description.ContactInformation.PersonPrimary.Organisation = "Acme Inc"; 
		description.ContactInformation.Address.AddressType = "postal"; 
		description.ContactInformation.Address.Country = "Neverland"; 
		description.ContactInformation.VoiceTelephone = "1-800-WE DO MAPS"; 
		//Impose WMS constraints 
		description.MaxWidth = 1000; //Set image request size width 
		description.MaxHeight = 500; //Set image request size height 
		//Call method that sets up the map 
		//We just add a dummy-size, since the wms requests will set the image-size 
		SharpMap.Map myMap = MapHelper.InitializeMap(new System.Drawing.Size(1, 1)); 
		//Parse the request and create a response 
		SharpMap.Web.Wms.WmsServer.ParseQueryString(myMap, description); 
    public bool IsReusable { 
        get { 
            return false;