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<soma original.input.version="0.001"> 
   Copyright (c) 2001 by Denali Software, Inc.  All rights reserved 
This file contains proprietary information of Denali Software, Inc. 
SOMA(tm) is Denali Software's proprietary language for defining  
memory models.   
Subject to your agreement with the restrictions set forth below,  
Denali Software, Inc., grants you a non-exclusive license to use 
the SOMA language in the following manner : 
You may: 
  *  Use SOMA language to create memory models. 
  *  Distribute memory models created using the SOMA language to  
     others provided that this notice is not removed from the file. 
You may not: 
  *  Create software programs or tools that use the SOMA language  
     as either input or output where the software programs are  
     intended for distribution to others. 
  *  Change the SOMA language in any manner. 
By using the SOMA specification files, you are consenting to be  
bound by and are becoming party to this agreement.  If you do not  
agree to all of the terms of this agreement, you may not use the  
SOMA specification files. 
If you have any questions regarding this agreement, or if you  
would like to inquire about obtaining additional or different rights  
in the SOMA specification files and SOMA language, please contact  
Denali Software. 
Written on 29 May 2001 
MemMaker version: 2.900  $DENALI: /home/denali/denali/solaris/2900 
 Manufacturer    : SAMSUNG 
 Memory Class    : FLASH 
 Part Name       : k9f4008w0a 
 Revision        : Tue May 29 20:05:31 2001 
 Description     : 512K x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory 
 Datasheet URL   : http://samsungelectronics.com/semiconductors/Flash/NAND/4M_bit/K9F4008W0A/k9f4008w0a.pdf  
 Datasheet Info  : 9.15.1999 
 Author Name     : Denali Software, ist 
 Author Comment  : Warning! The time to Ready depends on the value of the  
                   pull-up resistor tied to R/Bbar pin. 
  <part ccontent="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" />