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Version 1.2:
	- Added depth-first and breadth-first iterators to Tree.
	- Added ReadFromFile() and WriteToFile() convenience functions for
	most classes that support serialization.

Version 1.1:
	- KernelMatrix now uses doubles to store data, rather than floats.
	- Added a Matrix class, which is just a rectangular 2D array of
	- Added a new constructor to Experiment, which allows one to pass
	in data in two separate pieces (training and testing), so you no
	longer have to compute kernel values between the test examples if
	you know which ones they are.
	- Added ProbSVMExperiment, another SVM experiment example, which
	reports the posterior probabilities of each class for each test
	- Added a new Tree class template and TreeNode, which lets you
	create custom tree-like structures. MultiResolutionHistogram has
	been rewritten as a wrapper around Tree, but its interface has not
	changed (all changes are transparent).
Version 1.0:
	- Initial release