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/* Define variable sizes: 8, 16, 32 bits */ 
#ifndef BYTE 
#define BYTE unsigned char 
#ifndef WORD 
#define WORD unsigned short 
#ifndef LWORD 
#define LWORD unsigned long 
/* Ensure network structures aren't padded (DJGPP and VC) */ 
#pragma pack(1) 
#ifdef WIN32 
#include "win32def.h" 
#include "dosdef.h" 
/* General-purpose frame header, and frame including header */ 
typedef struct { 
    WORD len;                   /* Length of data in genframe buffer */ 
    WORD dtype;                 /* Driver type */ 
    WORD fragoff;               /* Offset of fragment within buffer */ 
/* The general-pupose frame buffer is dimensioned to accomodate 2 fragments 
** i.e.  a 1514-byte frame, a 2nd GENHDR, and a 2nd 1514-byte frame */ 
#define MAXGEN 3040 
typedef struct { 
    GENHDR g;                   /* General-pupose frame header */ 
    BYTE buff[MAXGEN];          /* Frame itself (2 frames if fragmented) */ 
/* Default circular buffer size: MUST be power of 2 
** This definition is for initialisation only, and may be overriden to 
** create a larger or smaller buffer. To determine the actual buffer size, all 
** functions MUST use the 'len' value below, not the _CBUFFLEN_ definition */ 
#ifndef _CBUFFLEN_ 
#define _CBUFFLEN_ 0x800 
/* Circular buffer structure */ 
typedef struct 
    WORD len;                   /* Length of data (must be first) */ 
    LWORD in;                   /* Incoming data */ 
    LWORD out;                  /* Outgoing data */ 
    LWORD trial;                /* Outgoing data 'on trial' */ 
    BYTE data[_CBUFFLEN_];      /* Buffer */ 
/* Prototypes */ 
int getframe_maxlen(GENFRAME *gfp); 
WORD getframe_mtu(GENFRAME *gfp); 
WORD dtype_hdrlen(WORD dtype); 
void *getframe_datap(GENFRAME *gfp); 
BYTE *getframe_srcep(GENFRAME *gfp); 
BYTE *getframe_srce(GENFRAME *gfp, BYTE *buff); 
BYTE *getframe_destp(GENFRAME *gfp); 
BYTE *getframe_dest(GENFRAME *gfp, BYTE *buff); 
WORD getframe_pcol(GENFRAME *gfp); 
int is_bcast(GENFRAME *gfp); 
int is_ether(GENFRAME *gfp, int len); 
int make_frame(GENFRAME *gfp, BYTE dest[], WORD pcol, WORD dlen); 
void swap_ether(GENFRAME *gfp); 
void disp_ether(GENFRAME *gfp, int dlen); 
int is_slip(GENFRAME *gfp, int len); 
void disp_frame(GENFRAME *gfp, int dlen, int tx); 
char *ipstr(LWORD ip, char *s); 
char *ethstr(BYTE *addr, char *str); 
LWORD atoip(char *str); 
int read_cfgval(char *fname, char *item, int *valp); 
int read_cfgstr(char *fname, char *item, char *dest, int destlen); 
int read_cfgstr_n(char *fname, int n, char *item, char *dest, int destlen); 
int read_cfgopt(char *fname, char *item, char *opt); 
char *skiptoken(char *str, char *tok); 
char *skipspace(char *str); 
char *skippunct(char *str); 
int in_limits(LWORD val, LWORD lo, LWORD hi); 
void buff_setall(CBUFF *bp, LWORD start); 
WORD buff_freelen(CBUFF *bp); 
WORD buff_untriedlen(CBUFF *bp); 
WORD buff_trylen(CBUFF *bp); 
WORD buff_dlen(CBUFF *bp); 
WORD buff_retry(CBUFF *bp, WORD len); 
WORD buff_preload(CBUFF *bp, LWORD oset, BYTE *data, WORD len); 
WORD buff_in(CBUFF *bp, BYTE *data, WORD len); 
WORD buff_instr(CBUFF *bp, char *str); 
WORD buff_infile(CBUFF *bp, FILE *fp, WORD len); 
WORD buff_try(CBUFF *bp, BYTE *data, WORD maxlen); 
WORD buff_out(CBUFF *bp, BYTE *data, WORD maxlen); 
WORD buff_strlen(CBUFF *bp); 
WORD buff_chrlen(CBUFF *bp, char c); 
WORD csum(void *dp, WORD count); 
WORD minw(WORD a, WORD b); 
WORD maxw(WORD a, WORD b); 
int mini(int a, int b); 
int maxi(int a, int b); 
WORD swapw(WORD w); 
LWORD swapl(LWORD lw); 
int timeout(WORD *timep, int sec); 
int mstimeout(LWORD *timep, int msec); 
LWORD mstime(void); 
void msdelay(WORD millisec); 
void hexdump(BYTE *buff, WORD len); 
char *find_first(char *path); 
char *find_next(void); 
long find_filesize(void); 
/* EOF */