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{License, info, etc 
This implementation is made by Walied Othman, to contact me 
mail to Walied.Othman@Student.KULeuven.ac.be or 
always mention wether it 's about the FGInt for Delphi or for 
FreePascal, or wether it 's about the 6xs, preferably in the subject line. 
If you 're going to use these implementations, at least mention my 
name or something and notify me so I may even put a link on my page. 
This implementation is freeware and according to the coderpunks' 
manifesto it should remain so, so don 't use these implementations 
in commercial software.  Encryption, as a tool to ensure privacy 
should be free and accessible for anyone.  If you plan to use these 
implementations in a commercial application, contact me before 
doing so, that way you can license the software to use it in commercial 
Software.  If any algorithm is patented in your country, you should 
acquire a license before using this software.  Modified versions of this 
software must contain an acknowledgement of the original author (=me). 
This implementaion is available at 
copyright 2000, Walied Othman 
This header may not be removed. 
Unit FGIntPrimeGeneration; 
Uses Windows, SysUtils, Controls, FGInt; 
Procedure PrimeSearch(Var GInt : TFGInt); 
// Does an incremental search for primes starting from GInt, 
// when one is found, it is stored in GInt 
Procedure PrimeSearch(Var GInt : TFGInt); 
   temp, two : TFGInt; 
   ok : Boolean; 
   If (GInt.Number[1] Mod 2) = 0 Then GInt.Number[1] := GInt.Number[1] + 1; 
   Base10StringToFGInt('2', two); 
   ok := false; 
   While Not ok Do 
      FGIntAdd(GInt, two, temp); 
      FGIntCopy(temp, GInt); 
      FGIntPrimeTest(GInt, 4, ok);