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                      MSM specific Identification Block 
  This module contains a block of strings that is the ID block for the 
    The data structure. 
   Copyright (c) 1998-2004 by QUALCOMM Incorporated.   
   All Rights Reserved. 
                        EDIT HISTORY FOR MODULE 
  This section contains comments describing changes made to the module. 
  Notice that changes are listed in reverse chronological order. 
  $Header: //depot/asic/msm6250/tools/jnand/jnand_id.c#10 $ $DateTime: 2004/04/10 09:17:43 $ $Author: dionh $ 
when       who     what, where, why 
--------   ---     ---------------------------------------------------------- 
04/10/04   drh     Bumped version string 
02/16/04   drh     Bumped version string 
11/05/00   drh     Bump version number 
10/30/00   drh     Bump version number 
10/24/00   drh     Bump version number 
09/18/00   drh     Bump version number 
07/28/00   drh     Bump version number 
05/22/03   drh     Initial version for MSM6250 
// Global Data Declarations 
/* Table of strings that show up in the binary.  The only way to have them 
 * appear in the binary in the same order as they are declared are to 
 * have them in an array of pointers to strings (or an array of strings). 
 * If they are declared separately like they used to be, then they will 
 * invariably be rearranged by the compile/link process and may not make 
 * sense in the binary. 
 * There also must be code to reference this array and that is in 
 * flash_initialize().  If that code is removed, then these strings will not 
 * appear in the binary.  The compiler/linker is sometimes too smart. 
 * These strings are obtained from the binary using "strings jnand.elf". 
const char *id_tbl[] = { 
  "  QUALCOMM JNAND Identification Block", 
  "    Compiled " __DATE__ " " __TIME__, 
  /* Update this version string every time JNAND is released */ 
  "    Version == JNAND 04.06.00", 
  "    JNAND.ELF for MSM6250 SURF and FFA",  
  "    Copyright (c) 2003-2004 by QUALCOMM, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.", 
  "  End of ID Block"