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Co-simulation of microprocessor software within a mixed mode SPICE simulator. 
 Available for PIC, 8051, AVR, HC11, ARM7/LPC2000 and Basic Stamp processors.    
 See your code interact with simulated hardware in real-time. 
 Interactive peripheral models for displays, keypads, etc. 
 Over 8000 analogue and digital device models. 
 Extensive single step and debugging facilities including system wide diagnostics. 
 Works with popular compilers and assemblers. 
Professional schematic capture and PCB design software with automatic component placement, track routing and design validation. 
 Includes full feature schematic capture environment. 
 Create PCBs automatically or manually from a schematic. 
 Extensive support for power planes. 
 Outputs to industry standard CADCAM formats. 
 Integrated 3D Viewer provides board visualisation during design.  
 Interactive SPICE circuit simulator included with all versions. 
  Proteus Design Suite 7 Released!
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Design Suite 7
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 "Proteus VSM is highly recommended for designers frequently working on circuits containing digital as well as analogue electronics."  
- Elektor Electronics Review 
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