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#define BYTE unsigned char 
#define UINT8 unsigned char 
void InitCC2500(void); 
// CC2500 control register here 
#define CC2500_IOCFG2       0x00        // GDO2 output pin configuration 
#define CC2500_IOCFG1       0x01        // GDO1 output pin configuration 
#define CC2500_IOCFG0       0x02        // GDO0 output pin configuration 
#define CC2500_FIFOTHR      0x03        // RX FIFO and TX FIFO thresholds 
#define CC2500_SYNC1        0x04        // Sync word, high byte 
#define CC2500_SYNC0        0x05        // Sync word, low byte 
#define CC2500_PKTLEN       0x06        // Packet length 
#define CC2500_PKTCTRL1     0x07        // Packet automation control 
#define CC2500_PKTCTRL0     0x08        // Packet automation control 
#define CC2500_ADDR         0x09        // Device address 
#define CC2500_CHANNR       0x0A        // Channel number 
#define CC2500_FSCTRL1      0x0B        // Frequency synthesizer control 
#define CC2500_FSCTRL0      0x0C        // Frequency synthesizer control 
#define CC2500_FREQ2        0x0D        // Frequency control word, high byte 
#define CC2500_FREQ1        0x0E        // Frequency control word, middle byte 
#define CC2500_FREQ0        0x0F        // Frequency control word, low byte 
#define CC2500_MDMCFG4      0x10        // Modem configuration 
#define CC2500_MDMCFG3      0x11        // Modem configuration 
#define CC2500_MDMCFG2      0x12        // Modem configuration 
#define CC2500_MDMCFG1      0x13        // Modem configuration 
#define CC2500_MDMCFG0      0x14        // Modem configuration 
#define CC2500_DEVIATN      0x15        // Modem deviation setting 
#define CC2500_MCSM2        0x16        // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration 
#define CC2500_MCSM1        0x17        // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration 
#define CC2500_MCSM0        0x18        // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration 
#define CC2500_FOCCFG       0x19        // Frequency Offset Compensation configuration 
#define CC2500_BSCFG        0x1A        // Bit Synchronization configuration 
#define CC2500_AGCCTRL2     0x1B        // AGC control 
#define CC2500_AGCCTRL1     0x1C        // AGC control 
#define CC2500_AGCCTRL0     0x1D        // AGC control 
#define CC2500_WOREVT1      0x1E        // High byte Event 0 timeout 
#define CC2500_WOREVT0      0x1F        // Low byte Event 0 timeout 
#define CC2500_WORCTRL      0x20        // Wake On Radio control 
#define CC2500_FREND1       0x21        // Front end RX configuration 
#define CC2500_FREND0       0x22        // Front end TX configuration 
#define CC2500_FSCAL3       0x23        // Frequency synthesizer calibration 
#define CC2500_FSCAL2       0x24        // Frequency synthesizer calibration 
#define CC2500_FSCAL1       0x25        // Frequency synthesizer calibration 
#define CC2500_FSCAL0       0x26        // Frequency synthesizer calibration 
#define CC2500_RCCTRL1      0x27        // RC oscillator configuration 
#define CC2500_RCCTRL0      0x28        // RC oscillator configuration 
#define CC2500_FSTEST       0x29        // Frequency synthesizer calibration control 
#define CC2500_PTEST        0x2A        // Production test 
#define CC2500_AGCTEST      0x2B        // AGC test 
#define CC2500_TEST2        0x2C        // Various test settings 
#define CC2500_TEST1        0x2D        // Various test settings 
#define CC2500_TEST0        0x2E        // Various test settings 
// Strobe commands here 
#define CC2500_SRES         0x30        // Reset chip. 
#define CC2500_SFSTXON      0x31        // Enable and calibrate frequency synthesizer (if MCSM0.FS_AUTOCAL=1). 
                                        // If in RX/TX: Go to a wait state where only the synthesizer is 
                                        // running (for quick RX / TX turnaround). 
#define CC2500_SXOFF        0x32        // Turn off crystal oscillator. 
#define CC2500_SCAL         0x33        // Calibrate frequency synthesizer and turn it off 
                                        // (enables quick start). 
#define CC2500_SRX          0x34        // Enable RX. Perform calibration first if coming from IDLE and 
                                        // MCSM0.FS_AUTOCAL=1. 
#define CC2500_STX          0x35        // In IDLE state: Enable TX. Perform calibration first if 
                                        // MCSM0.FS_AUTOCAL=1. If in RX state and CCA is enabled: 
                                        // Only go to TX if channel is clear. 
#define CC2500_SIDLE        0x36        // Exit RX / TX, turn off frequency synthesizer and exit 
                                        // Wake-On-Radio mode if applicable. 
#define CC2500_SAFC         0x37        // Perform AFC adjustment of the frequency synthesizer 
#define CC2500_SWOR         0x38        // Start automatic RX polling sequence (Wake-on-Radio) 
#define CC2500_SPWD         0x39        // Enter power down mode when CSn goes high. 
#define CC2500_SFRX         0x3A        // Flush the RX FIFO buffer. 
#define CC2500_SFTX         0x3B        // Flush the TX FIFO buffer. 
#define CC2500_SWORRST      0x3C        // Reset real time clock. 
#define CC2500_SNOP         0x3D        // No operation. May be used to pad strobe commands to two 
                                        // bytes for simpler software. 
// Status register here 
#define CC2500_PARTNUM      0x30 
#define CC2500_VERSION      0x31 
#define CC2500_FREQEST      0x32 
#define CC2500_LQI          0x33 
#define CC2500_RSSI         0x34 
#define CC2500_MARCSTATE    0x35 
#define CC2500_WORTIME1     0x36 
#define CC2500_WORTIME0     0x37 
#define CC2500_PKTSTATUS    0x38 
#define CC2500_VCO_VC_DAC   0x39 
#define CC2500_TXBYTES      0x3A 
#define CC2500_RXBYTES      0x3B 
#define CC2500_PATABLE      0x3E 
#define CC2500_TXFIFO       0x3F 
#define CC2500_RXFIFO       0x3F 
#define CRC_OK	0x80 
// RF_SETTINGS is a data structure which contains all relevant CCxxx0 registers 
typedef struct S_RF_SETTINGS{ 
    unsigned char FSCTRL1;   // Frequency synthesizer control. 
    unsigned char FSCTRL0;   // Frequency synthesizer control. 
    unsigned char FREQ2;     // Frequency control word, high byte. 
    unsigned char FREQ1;     // Frequency control word, middle byte. 
    unsigned char FREQ0;     // Frequency control word, low byte. 
    unsigned char MDMCFG4;   // Modem configuration. 
    unsigned char MDMCFG3;   // Modem configuration. 
    unsigned char MDMCFG2;   // Modem configuration. 
    unsigned char MDMCFG1;   // Modem configuration. 
    unsigned char MDMCFG0;   // Modem configuration. 
    unsigned char CHANNR;    // Channel number. 
    unsigned char DEVIATN;   // Modem deviation setting (when FSK modulation is enabled). 
    unsigned char FREND1;    // Front end RX configuration. 
    unsigned char FREND0;    // Front end RX configuration. 
    unsigned char MCSM0;     // Main Radio Control State Machine configuration. 
    unsigned char FOCCFG;    // Frequency Offset Compensation Configuration. 
    unsigned char BSCFG;     // Bit synchronization Configuration. 
    unsigned char AGCCTRL2;  // AGC control. 
    unsigned char AGCCTRL1;  // AGC control. 
    unsigned char AGCCTRL0;  // AGC control. 
    unsigned char FSCAL3;    // Frequency synthesizer calibration. 
    unsigned char FSCAL2;    // Frequency synthesizer calibration. 
    unsigned char FSCAL1;    // Frequency synthesizer calibration. 
    unsigned char FSCAL0;    // Frequency synthesizer calibration. 
    unsigned char FSTEST;    // Frequency synthesizer calibration control 
    unsigned char TEST2;     // Various test settings. 
    unsigned char TEST1;     // Various test settings. 
    unsigned char TEST0;     // Various test settings. 
    unsigned char IOCFG2;    // GDO2 output pin configuration 
    unsigned char IOCFG0;    // GDO0 output pin configuration 
    unsigned char PKTCTRL1;  // Packet automation control. 
    unsigned char PKTCTRL0;  // Packet automation control. 
    unsigned char ADDR;      // Device address. 
    unsigned char PKTLEN;    // Packet length. 
	///////////////  for sync detect 
	//unsigned char FIFOTHR;   // FIFO thresholds 
	//unsigned char SYNC1;	 // Sync word 
	//unsigned char SYNC0; 
	//////////////// for WOR 
	//unsigned char MCSM2; 
	unsigned char MCSM1; 
	//unsigned char WOREVT1; 
	//unsigned char WOREVT0; 
	//unsigned char WORCTRL; 
////////////////////////// PA table here 
unsigned char paTable[]={0xc0,0xc0,0xc0,0xc0,0xc0,0xc0,0xc0,0xc0};