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; Define the external functions we will be linking to 
extrn            SetFilePointer:PROC 
extrn            SetFocus:PROC 
extrn            GetDlgItemTextA:PROC 
extrn            BeginPaint:PROC 
extrn            CreateWindowExA:PROC 
extrn            DefWindowProcA:PROC 
extrn            DispatchMessageA:PROC 
extrn            EndPaint:PROC 
extrn            ExitProcess:PROC 
extrn            FindWindowA:PROC 
extrn            GetMessageA:PROC 
extrn            GetModuleHandleA:PROC 
extrn            GetStockObject:PROC 
extrn            InvalidateRect:PROC 
extrn            LoadCursorA:PROC 
extrn            LoadIconA:PROC 
extrn            MessageBeep:PROC 
extrn            MessageBoxA:PROC 
extrn            PostQuitMessage:PROC 
extrn            RegisterClassA:PROC 
extrn            WriteFile:PROC 
extrn            ShowWindow:PROC 
extrn            SetWindowPos:PROC 
extrn            TextOutA:PROC 
extrn            TranslateMessage:PROC 
extrn            UpdateWindow:PROC 
extrn            CreatePopupMenu:PROC 
extrn            AppendMenuA:PROC 
extrn            TrackPopupMenu:PROC 
extrn            ClientToScreen:PROC 
extrn            SetMenu:PROC 
extrn            GetCursorPos:PROC       
extrn            CreateDialogParamA:PROC 
extrn            DialogBoxParamA:PROC 
extrn            CreateDialog:PROC 
extrn            EndDialog:PROC 
extrn            lstrlen:PROC 
extrn            CreateFileA:PROC 
extrn            GetCurrentDirectoryA:PROC 
extrn            CloseHandle:PROC 
extrn            GetLocalTime:PROC 
extrn            DeviceIoControl:PROC 
extrn            DeleteFileA:PROC 
extrn            CopyFileA:PROC 
extrn            ReadFile:PROC 
; for Unicode support, Win32 remaps some functions to either the Ansi or 
; Wide char versions.  We will assume Ansi for this example. 
CreateWindowEx   equ <CreateWindowExA> 
DefWindowProc    equ <DefWindowProcA> 
DispatchMessage  equ <DispatchMessageA> 
FindWindow       equ <FindWindowA> 
GetMessage       equ <GetMessageA> 
GetModuleHandle  equ <GetModuleHandleA> 
LoadCursor       equ <LoadCursorA> 
LoadIcon         equ <LoadIconA> 
MessageBox       equ <MessageBoxA> 
RegisterClass    equ <RegisterClassA> 
TextOut          equ <TextOutA>