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Module : W3MFC.H 
Purpose: Defines the interface for a simple MFC class encapsulation of a HTTP server 
Created: PJN / 22-04-1999 
History: None 
Copyright (c) 1999 by PJ Naughter.   
All rights reserved. 
/////////////////////////////// Defines /////////////////////////////////////// 
#ifndef __W3MFC_H__ 
#define __W3MFC_H__ 
/////////////////////////////// Includes ////////////////////////////////////// 
#include "HttpMimeManager.h" 
/////////////////////////////// Classes /////////////////////////////////////// 
//The values relating to a single directory which the web server handles 
class CHttpDirectory 
//Constructors / Destructors 
  CHttpDirectory() : m_bDirectoryListing(FALSE) {}; 
  CHttpDirectory(const CHttpDirectory& dir); 
  CHttpDirectory& operator=(const CHttpDirectory& dir); 
//Accessors / Mutators 
  void SetAlias(const CString& sAlias); 
  void SetDirectory(const CString& sDirectory); 
  void SetDefaultFile(const CString& sDefaultFile); 
  void SetDirectoryListing(BOOL bListing) { m_bDirectoryListing = bListing; }; 
  CString GetAlias() const { return m_sAlias; }; 
  CString GetDirectory() const { return m_sDirectory; }; 
  CString GetDefaultFile() const { return m_sDefaultFile; }; 
  BOOL    GetDirectoryListing() const { return m_bDirectoryListing; }; 
//Member variables 
  CString m_sAlias;            //The directory which clients see e.g. "/cgi-bin" 
  CString m_sDirectory;        //The local directory to map requests to 
  CString m_sDefaultFile;      //The file to send when requesting this direcory without a filename 
  BOOL    m_bDirectoryListing; //If TRUE then a directory listing will be returned in preference to the default file 
//The settings which the web server uses in the call to CHttpServer::Start 
class CHttpServerSettings 
//Constructors / Destructors 
  CHttpServerSettings(const CHttpServerSettings& settings); 
  CHttpServerSettings& operator=(const CHttpServerSettings& settings); 
//Member variables 
  unsigned short                          m_nPort;                    //The port on which to run the web server 
  CArray<CHttpDirectory, CHttpDirectory&> m_Directories;              //Directories served up by this server 
  BOOL                                    m_bBind;                    //Should the server be bound to an address 
  in_addr                                 m_BindAddress;              //The IP address to bind to (if m_bBind is set) 
  DWORD                                   m_dwIdleClientTimeout;      //Timeout in ms to wait for client requests 
  CString                                 m_sServerName;              //The Web server name to return in HTTP headers 
  CRuntimeClass*                          m_pRuntimeClientClass;      //The runtime class of the client class to use, normally is CHttpClient 
  CString                                 m_sUsername;                //The account to run the web server under 
  CString                                 m_sPassword;                //The account's password 
//The actual web server 
class CHttpServer : CObject 
//Constructors / Destructors 
  BOOL Start(const CHttpServerSettings& settings); 
  BOOL Stop(); 
  BOOL Wait(); 
  static BOOL ReverseDNSLookup(in_addr sin_addr, CString& sDomainName); 
  static UINT ListenSocketFunction(LPVOID pParam); 
  void ListenSocketFunction(); 
  CWinThread*         m_pListenThread; 
  CEvent              m_ListenStartEvent; 
  BOOL                m_bRequestListenStop; 
  BOOL                m_bListenerRunningOK; 
  CHttpServerSettings m_Settings; 
  CHttpMimeManager    m_Mime; 
#endif //__W3MFC_H__