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Purpose: Defines the interface for a class to simplify sending Http response headers 
Created: PJN / 22-04-1999 
History: None 
Copyright (c) 1999 by PJ Naughter.   
All rights reserved. 
/////////////////////////////// Defines /////////////////////////////////////// 
/////////////////////////////// Includes ////////////////////////////////////// 
#include "HttpSocket.h" 
/////////////////////////////// Classes /////////////////////////////////////// 
//Class which is used to simplify forming and returning a header to the client 
class CHttpResponseHeader 
  void    AddStatusCode(int nStatusCode); 
  void    AddContentLength(int nSize); 
  void    AddContentType(const CString& sMediaType); 
  void    AddDate(const SYSTEMTIME& st); 
  void    AddLastModified(const SYSTEMTIME& st); 
  void    AddWWWBasicAuthenticate(const CString& sRealm); 
  void    AddExpires(const SYSTEMTIME& st); 
  void    AddLocation(const CString& sLocation); 
  void    AddServer(const CString& sServer); 
  void    AddW3MfcAllowFields(); 
  CString DateToStr(const SYSTEMTIME& st); 
  BOOL    Send(CHttpSocket& socket); 
  CString m_sHeader;