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    Implement an HTML parser using IE4's IHTMLDocument2 interface. 
#ifndef __HTML_H__ 
#define __HTML_H__ 
#include <windows.h> 
#include <string> 
// if we are using VC6 or better get this from the stock include 
// directory, otherwise get it from the Internet SDK 
#if _MSC_VER >= 1200 
#pragma warning(disable:4099)   // disable spurious namespace warnings 
#include <mshtmdid.h> 
#include "./inetsdk/include/mshtmdid.h" 
#import "mshtml.dll" named_guids no_namespace 
using namespace std; 
class HTMLParser: public IPropertyNotifySink, IOleClientSite, IDispatch 
		static HTMLParser *Create();	// forces dynamic allocation 
        STDMETHOD_(ULONG, Release)();  
        BOOL LoadHTMLFile(LPCSTR pcszFile); 
        long GetLinkCount(); 
        BOOL GetLinkURL(long lIndex, string &rstrURL); 
        long GetImageCount(); 
        BOOL GetImageURL(long lIndex, string &rstrURL); 
		BOOL IsConnected() const { return SUCCEEDED(m_hrConnected); } 
		// hidden constructors/destructor to force use of Create/Release 
		HTMLParser(const HTMLParser &); // eliminate compiler synthesized copy ctor 
        virtual ~HTMLParser(); 
	 // IUnknown methods 
        STDMETHOD(QueryInterface)(REFIID riid, LPVOID* ppv); 
        STDMETHOD_(ULONG, AddRef)(); 
    // IPropertyNotifySink methods 
        STDMETHOD(OnChanged)(DISPID dispID); 
        STDMETHOD(OnRequestEdit)(DISPID dispID) { return NOERROR; } 
	    // IOleClientSite methods 
            { return E_NOTIMPL; } 
       	STDMETHOD(GetMoniker)(DWORD dwAssign,DWORD dwWhichMoniker, IMoniker** ppmk) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
    	STDMETHOD(GetContainer)(IOleContainer** ppContainer) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
        STDMETHOD(OnShowWindow)(BOOL fShow) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
        	// IDispatch method 
    	STDMETHOD(GetTypeInfoCount)(UINT* pctinfo) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
    	STDMETHOD(GetTypeInfo)(UINT iTInfo, 
            LCID lcid, 
            ITypeInfo** ppTInfo) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
    	STDMETHOD(GetIDsOfNames)(REFIID riid, 
            LPOLESTR* rgszNames, 
            UINT cNames, 
            LCID lcid, 
            DISPID* rgDispId) 
			{ return E_NOTIMPL; } 
    	STDMETHOD(Invoke)(DISPID dispIdMember, 
            REFIID riid, 
            LCID lcid, 
            WORD wFlags, 
            DISPPARAMS __RPC_FAR *pDispParams, 
            VARIANT __RPC_FAR *pVarResult, 
            EXCEPINFO __RPC_FAR *pExcepInfo, 
            UINT __RPC_FAR *puArgErr); 
		// helper functions 
        BOOL GetURLFromCollection(IHTMLElementCollection *pCollection,  
                                  REFIID rIID, long lIndex, string &rstrURL); 
		// member variables 
        DWORD   m_dwRef; 
        HRESULT  m_hrConnected; 
        DWORD    m_dwCookie; 
    	IHTMLDocument2* m_pMSHTML; 
        IHTMLElementCollection *m_pAnchorLinks; 
        IHTMLElementCollection *m_pImageLinks;